A Long Way From Home


Welcome back, y'all, I hope you had a great holiday season. I kept mine pretty low-key, hanging out with my girlfriend and daughter spoiling each other with gifts we didn't really need but surely wanted. It was nice to back in LA after being on the road for so long, but as usual my feet were getting itchy and it was time to take off and play some more shows. So, Monday night the whole Twilight clan
boarded a flight to New Zealand and stepped off the plane Wednesday morning in Auckland. I'm not sure what happened to Tuesday but I'm sure glad it wasn't my birthday.

So what's Auckland like? Obviously it's summer here right now, which we are all loving, but the closest I can surmise is it looks and feels like Portland/Seattle, very green and kind of humid. I can't pretend we aren't excited to be here, it was definitely a goal of ours to include the Pacific Rim on this tour and we are really happy to have accomplished that. So tonight we play The Studio and as far as I know we are expecting a good sized crowd so it should be a good night.

Tomorrow we'll be heading to Australia, a place I have always wanted to visit. I can't wait. I'll keep y'all informed as to what's happening here and thanks to all of you for the support.

Hey, did you happen to catch us on the Timmy Kimmel show? It was great to have Joe Arthur with us and I'd be lying to say it wasn't a thrill for us to finally get some exposure on such a huge level. By the way, it's on if you missed it.



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Homeward Bound


20 countries, 109 shows, what an incredible year it has been for us. Last year at this time Greg and I were up on Sunset Blvd. in Los Angeles mastering Powder Burns (on the same board 'The Wall' was mastered on) wondering if people would like the album as much as we did. I don't think we were prepared for the acclaim we have received and the love and support from all the fans that was upcoming for every show night after night as we've trekked around the globe. Truly we are humbled and grateful, totally appreciative that so many of you came out to connect with us and enjoy the music. Thank you for that.

It's not over yet, tonight we play Torino in Italy and then we get to fly home for the holidays. January 3rd we play live on Jimmy Kimmel on ABC and then we head to New Zealand and Australia to cap off the tour. What happens next will all be revealed in time, but suffice to say we have earned ourselves a nice break and a chance to catch up on some sleep.

So, back to catching you up. Thank you guys so much for your kind birthday wishes, especially to the girl that thought I'd turned 28, flattery will get you everywhere. Now, Rome is a city that likes to party hard and that was in evidence the night we played, the fans didn't disappoint and we had a great time. For us it was a night of practical jokes too, and unfortunately for Jeff Klein he was the recipient. However, we had nothing to do with his guitar cutting out during his set, and in fact we felt so bad for him that we came out on stage unnanounced and accompanied him for two songs to help him finish his set. However, next time you see him ask him if he wants to play 'spoons'.

Now I know I've told you guys about Cesare before, but for those that don't know he is our 'consigliere', a position no other can fill. Literally he takes care of us whenever we are in Italy or Sicily and makes sure we get what we need. There is no other like him and when I see him, my face lights up. Cesare and his beautiful fiancé Danila have been with us throughout the whole Italian leg and we wouldn't have it any other way.

On to Milan where we played in a club that in no way, shape or form was designed to play rock and roll in. Nobody uses a tiled stage, they sound like crap, but sure enough there was one here. Coupled with the fact that they kept us on fucking limiters to keep the sound of the PA down it was not one of our favorite shows. It was great however to see the Afterhours boys in their hometown. They had a day off from touring and showed up to see us, and then after we all headed to a club to celebrate their drummer, Giorgio's birthday. It was bittersweet goodbyes and then we all jumped on the bus to Torino and that's where we are now.

Tomorrow morning we all get to fly home and see our loved ones. Happy holidays everyone, and once again we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for everything you have given us this year. What a year it was.


La Strada Lunga e Ventosa...


We are in Rome right now and it's just starting to dawn on me that we'll be home on Wednesday just in time for the holidays. It's going to be weird not putting on the monkey suit and strapping on a bass every night, but we are all going to be pretty grateful for the down time. This sure has been a long tour and we've met so many of you along the way, it's really been a great year for the band and it feels like our hard work has finally started to pay off.

On that note, if you haven't heard, the Twilight Singers will perform on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Wednesday, January 3, 2007. This will be our first American TV appearance and an opportunity for countless people to hear our music. So tell your friends, set your TiVo and tune in to see what song we'll perform.

OK, back to the road and the story so far. I last left you in Graz, Austria where we played a really cool theatre with an insanely good light show that at times left me feeling like we were playing the local laserium. It was probably the smallest crowd we'd played to on the tour but they gave it up and sang along with us all night. I kept watching the guy down front who'd obviously had a couple and couldn't stop dancing, he was fascinating.

Next was Vienna where it was nice to find a big room packed full of fans ready to have a good time. After the show Dave, Jeff and I took off in search of food but we were shit out of luck. Apparently Vienna shuts down early which was a bit of a pisser as we were starving. Luckily we got the idea of calling a cab company to help us find the local kebab shop, and five minutes later it was mission accomplished. Nobody wants to be around a bunch of starving, pissed off musicians.

The following night we hit Zagreb in Croatia, I don't think any of us had been there before and we really didn't know what to expect. It was really a treat to see about 600 kids show up to hear us play. It always blows my mind to look out into the audience and see these kids who can barely speak English singing along to every song.

Then it was onto Pordenone, the first of five Italian dates on the tour. We came out guns blazing but the crowd was so-so at best so we decided to cut it short and not do an encore. Enough said about that.

That show was in stark contrast to last night where we played Firenze and blew the roof off the fucking place. The crowd was fantastic and we played a long one which they totally deserved. The Italians can be the most passionate people on the planet and last night they proved that. Afterwards we all jumped on the bus and watched various English prison movies, which we are all strangely fascinated with. If you've never seen 'Scum' with Ray Winstone, do yourself a favor and rent it if you can find it.

So like I said before, we are in beautiful Rome right now, the club will be packed tonight and tomorrow, Dec. 10, is my birthday, so what's not to love? Who lives like this? Oh yeah, in Italy apparently they haven't heard of toilet seats yet, so tonight Greg bought one for the club we are playing as a gift. He's all heart isn't he? Viva Italia!



Happy December!


Oh my babies, there's so many of you. Just fyi, Austria takes the prize so far for the 'who the fuck lives in a place that's this cold' award. Sorry I haven't updated in a few days, lack of sleep, constant travelling, etc., you get the picture. Anyway, sit back and relax, here we go...

Nijmegen, a great fucking show, lots of energy, we had a terrific time. I didn't get to see much of the city because I woke up about 15 minutes before soundcheck and it was dark outside. That seems to be a recurring theme on this tour for me, I wonder sometimes if I suffer from narcolepsy.

Then it was onto Amsterdam and quite possibly one of the best shows of the year. I don't know what got into us that night but we were really fired up and this was a night to experience the full power of this band. The Melkveg was absolutely packed nuts to butts, condensation dripping off the walls and one of the loudest rock shows I've ever experienced. We couldn't stop playing because we were having such a good time, and that's when we played the Whigs 'Omerta' for perhaps the only time we will ever do it. I've been bugging Greg to do it for about four years now and finally he relented. All in all it was a great night and one we'll never forget.

The next night we played Vera in Groningen, a club that Greg has played numerous times with the Whigs yet it was the first time for Twilight. I really expected a total rock experience based upon the history of the club and all the killer bands that have played there over the years, but what we found was while the crowd was really attentive they were also a bit stand-offish, giving us that indie 'too cool for school' vibe, and you know that doesn't play well with us. Still we played our asses off and gave it up, but next time Groningen for fucks sake make some noise.

The next day we all jumped on a plane to Barcelona where we were going to play a festival. Somewhere along the way the frigging airline lost all of Dave's guitar pedals so we had to go shopping for more. Then wouldn't you know it on the day of the show they found them after closing down Amsterdam airport to examine a bag that hadn't been claimed. Yep, Dave's pedals closed down an airport. Now that's rock and roll.

The gig we were to play was in a huge auditorium, not unlike a massive school hall, and it was filled with something this band hates, seats. So of course we come out and begin 'Esta Noche' and the kids are tapping their feet in their seats and this simply will not do, it was at this point that Greg told them to start dancing and within seconds 1500 kids were mobbing the front of the stage dancing their asses off. Barcelona, you did us proud and we had a great time.

Getting on a plane the next morning at 5am (never a good time for me), we began our trek to Warsaw, Poland. Of course, the plane was delayed and thus we missed our connecting flight out of Munich. Most of us tried to catch some sleep in the airport while we waited for the next flight to Warsaw. Well, eventually we get there with 2 hours to go till showtime, so the mad dash to set up and soundcheck began. When we came onstage we walked out to the most enthusiastic crowd I think we have ever seen, I mean it was like these kids had been waiting all their lives to see us. What followed was one of the most fun shows we have experienced, the kids sang, danced and screamed all night. Afterwards we got mobbed for autographs and pictures, it was surreal to say the least. We'll be back for sure Warsaw, you left us with smiles on our faces.

Right now we are in Graz, Austria, but I'll write about that later, right about time the narcolepsy is kicking in and it's time for me to sleep.


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