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Tour Update #6

May 15,2011

I know, believe it or not I've been busy, but I finally got a chance to sit down and do some tour blogging. Don't hate the player, hate the game...

So we all met in New Orleans where the tour bus picked us up before we took off. Let me tell you, this is by far the nicest tour bus I have ever been on. It's one of those ones that slide out sideways when parked so the living room is huge, I believe roller disco nights are on Thursday. Yes, it's that big. I digress...

So the first gig was in Mayberry, otherwise known as Oxford, Mississippi. Proud Larry's may have been a little too small for the excessive amount of sound gear we carry with us, I have a feeling we were the loudest band to ever play there. The crowd was great except for the one drunk woman (why is it always a woman) down front who wouldn't shut the fuck up. Here's a hint, don't stand right in front of the piano during the quieter tunes and yap like a dog, it's just not conducive to the atmosphere.

Then it was on to the Masquerade in Atlanta. We played in a room called 'Hell', which was appropriate. The crowd was awesome, especially the two super hot blondes down front that sang along the whole time, thank you for that. After the show we snuck upstairs to catch Echo and the Bunnymen, and of course during Papillon Greg sang Killing Moon as an homage to them. A personal highlight of mine was getting to finally meet James Hall from Pleasure Club, one of my favorite bands. So all in all a really good night.

I woke up in Nashville the next morning, scene of our infamous strip club experience last time we played there. And no, I'm not telling. It seemed like the day took forever, and it didn't help when Greg's amp decided to kill itself right at soundcheck. So, after a trip to SIR for a new amp we managed to dial in a sound and play that night. Earlier in the day Greg decided to order the hottest chicken I have ever had in my life. I was in pain while I ate it yet I didn't stop, my stomach thanked me later.

Cat's Cradle in Carrboro is one of my favorite places to play, and the crowd was with us the whole night. Hot and sweaty with people singing along and an air of festivity. It was great to catch up with some old friends there and to be reminded how much we mean to people.

We had the next day off and spent it in Baltimore. I really tried to stay awake but my body was having none of it and I slept most of the day away. However, I did walk around at night, grabbing some food down by the water and raiding the 7-11 down the street to placate a necessary sugar rush. Greg, of course, went to catch the Orioles game.

The 9:30 Club in DC is an absolute joy to play. The sound system there is unreal and the sound on stage was thundering. Once again after the show we talked with fans and it always gives me a kick to hear stories of how our music has affected them. Sometimes it's easy to play it off as 'only rock and roll', but I think it goes a lot deeper than that for some.

Then we hit Philly to play at the Trocodero, a really old theater. I felt like we played a good show and the audience downstairs were amazing. However it's one of those venues that has a balcony with seating, and to see a whole ton of people sitting down at a Twilight Singers show kinda sucks. I get it though, but nonetheless you can't shake your ass while you are sitting on it.

The Paradise in Boston has been renovated since the last time we played there, much bigger, better stage views, and a new sound system. I've always loved playing there but now I really do. I think for me this was the best night up until this point, the band was humming, the crowd wanted to have fun and it sounded great. Dave and I flew our respective better halves in so we had to take the night off from banging groupies. What can you do?

Day off in NYC, I headed out to the Bronx to visit family. NYC is one amazing place, I couldn't live there (way too busy for me) but I sure do love to visit.

The next night we played Webster Hall and it was packed. We always love playing to New York audiences and that night was no exception, I think we gave it 110% and the love we got back from the crowd fueled us even more. We did record the night for a potential DVD, note I say potential, you'll be the first to know how it came out. It truly was a magical night and the feeling of elation was palpable on the bus after. So many great friends came out to see us and I want you to know we appreciate it.

Last night we played Mr. Small's in Pittsburgh, an old church. For some reason the whole stage is carpeted and any band will tell you that this is not a good idea, it just kinda sucks the sound out on stage. Anyway, we put that aside and lit up the stage with a pretty blistering set, which included out cover of Kate Bush's Cloudbusting. Jealous much?

Right now we are in Detroit, we take the stage in a couple of hours. It's raining and cold yet I am still happy to be here, it's the home of rock, how could I not be?

Scott Ford
Detroit MI

Tour Update #5

May 1,2011

Hey Scott, where's the fucking tour update for the end of the Euro tour? Yep, I've heard this question a few times, so here we go. Sorry for the delay, but if I was good at doing paperwork and deadlines, etc. I would have worked in an office, you get the picture.

So, Helsinki. As usual the crowd was raucous, they love a good rock and roll show there, don't they? Possibly one of the loudest shows we have played, I was deaf afterwards. We got to go back to the hotel for a few hours sleep before we boarded a flight to Budapest, where we had lunch before boarding another flight to Thessaloniki in Greece. Let's just say that not a lot of sleep was had by any of us and so it was kind of interesting when management informed us we'd be doing live TV that night for around 2 million viewers.

I still don't really know what the show was, other than it was 'wacky' and there was a lot of comedy bits. When it came time for us to perform we played 'Never Seen No Devil' acoustically. You may have thought that we were super cool and not nervous about doing live TV based on the performance, but the truth is we were all exhausted. Anyway, that went well and finally we were able to go to bed back at the hotel. Luckily I snagged a room that picked up the wi-fi from the lobby so I watched stupid You Tube videos (porn) till I fell asleep.

The next night we played in town at a beautiful venue called Principal Theater. It wasn't the biggest show of the tour, but the fans were awesome and a great time was had by all. Once again we only had a few hours to sleep after the show before we had to catch a flight to Athens.

They put us in some weird hotel in the city where I managed to sleep for about 4 hours before checking out and heading to Gagarin, the club we were playing that night. The show was predictably packed, one of those hot and sweaty nights. The audience was great, singing and dancing, and before I knew it we were done.

They whisked us straight from the venue to the airport where we caught a flight to Tel Aviv, no sleep yet mind you.

So we get to the Sheraton in Tel Aviv, and guess who's also staying there? That's right, Justin Bieber! So of course, all night long we had to listen to the incoherent screaming of 12 year old girls waiting to get a glimpse of their idol. I loved the look on their faces when we pulled up to the hotel in blacked-out vans and they started screaming only to see us. Awesome! The circus had come to town.

Reading 3 is a new-ish club in Tel Aviv and it is gorgeous. All backstages should have flat screen TV's, etc. The promoters were amazing, taking us out for dinner and showing us a good time. There's nothing that sucks about playing Israel, I love it there.

I have to be honest, night one was a great show but I found myself having a hard time, I think the traveling was catching up to me and I was just kind of wiped. You'd never know that from the quality of the show, we played our hearts out, but I knew. The next night however was a completely different story, it's amazing what a good meal and some decent sleep will do to you. Night two I actually started dancing onstage. I don't know what happened, it will probably never happen again but I guess I got caught up in the moment, channeling 'Bieber Fever' and generally letting loose. I have to say that was my favorite show of the tour, especially after we dusted off 'Cloudbusting' after an eight year absence.

So there you go, life on the road with the Twilight Singers. It's not always glamorous, but it's always interesting. See you in the States.

Tour Update #4

April 12,2011

Sometimes there's moments on a tour when the band all try to catch each others eyes mid song and silently acknowledge that this is a moment you won't forget. You can't plan those moments, they are rare, yet when they happen they are breathtaking. That happened in Prague.

Honestly I had no idea what to expect in Prague, how could anything top the run we'd just come off of? The crowd was fervent and vocal from the first song, giving us so much love, singing along and dancing, it truly was a collective experience.

It was the first time we have done two encores on the tour, simply because after the first one they wouldn't let us leave. So we all looked at each other and decided to come back out and finish with 'Underneath the Waves'. It was an amazing experience for us, thank you so much.

Then we did the long overnight drive to Warsaw. Now, for some reason we have a pretty rabid following in Poland, but when I walked into the massive venue even I was a little skeptical we could fill it. And that just goes to show how much I know, because not only did the hall fill up, but it was packed with such a wonderful crowd who were chomping at the bit for a good time.

The show ran almost two hours, we played our hearts out, the crowd reciprocated with unbridled enthusiasm and it truly was a magical night. Afterwards we hung out with the fans and signed autographs, etc., something I am usually much too shy to do, but the crowd was so warm that it felt like the right thing to do. Warsaw, you were amazing.

Now I am at the hotel in Helsinki, a city we love to play. Tonight's gig promises to be hot, loud and sweaty, and really I wouldn't have it any other way.

Tour Update #3

April 9,2011

Both you and I know that I should probably be updating the tour blog more often. But then again I should have probably finished school and bought a house by now so lets not live in the past. Here we go...

Last time I left off we were in Oslo, the most expensive city in the world. The gig was fun and the audience warmer than the outside temperature. They sang along to Martin Eden in a soccer chant, this only ever happens in Norway, it's fucking weird and awesome. I will say this for Oslo, people there dress really well. Everyone looks like an ad for GQ or some other fancy couture magazine and I kinda liked that.

Then we headed to Stockholm and to a club we've played a few times before, Debaser. Ironically when I walked into the joint they were spinning Pixies tracks. The audience was lining up around the block before doors, always a good sign, and with it being a Saturday night we knew it was going to be a good show. There's something about those Swedish crowds, they love a good time, and they then proceeded to have one.

Off to Copenhagen next to play at Vega. For whatever reason they seem to love us in Denmark, singing along and dancing. Perhaps the most memorable moment was watching this guy in the front completely losing his mind to every song and attempting to talk with us all show long. I think the rest of the audience was afraid of him but personally I loved seeing him beaming back at me. After the show somehow he and his friend made it backstage and we had a chat after signing some stuff. Those crazy Danes...

We hit Berlin early the next morning for possibly one of the best shows on the tour. I don't know if it was because we were on fire, the audience was really up for having a good time, or the set list was perfect, probably all three. It's always a good time in Berlin, but this gig was even better than I had expected.

Then we had a day off in Brussels, I took Rick on a sightseeing expedition around the city and we capped the night off by all hanging out at our hotel bar, it almost felt like we were on holiday.

The following day we were playing at AB, one of the best venues a band can ever hope to play. Right after dinner Greg turned to me and said 'I don't feel so good'. This was backed up by the fact that he had turned stark white. Shortly after he began being ill and we were all prepared to cancel the show, simply put Greg was weak and sick, not really the best condition to play a rock show. However Greg said no, he'd go on and try, and so we hit the stage. After a few songs we had to shuffle the set list to allow Greg to perform, which he did while sitting down, kinda like MTV unplugged. We were able to play a full show, although a little different from the one planned.

Greg stayed overnight in Brussels under medication while the rest of us travelled to Paris. Honestly we weren't sure if the show would happen, but we went ahead and soundchecked anyway without Greg, who had caught a train and was now asleep in the hotel across the street. The doctor's put Greg on some serious medication and the band was able to perform that night.

Off we went to Amsterdam, scene of many fun times in my youth, and a few not so fun. This time around we were playing at what is possibly my favorite venue in the world, the Paradiso. Greg was feeling better but still not 100%, however you'd have never known that from the show. I'll go ahead and say this has been my favorite gig on the tour so far. The crowd packed the massive hall, the sound was great, all thanks to Steve Girton our awesome sound guy, and we played like beasts on fire. Thank you Amsterdam, I love you guys.

We then headed off to Switzerland where the air is clear and they have a lot of money apparently. The opening act went over their set by 25 minutes and then gave our tour manager attitude. I don't care if you are Led Zep, an opening act should realize the situation and act with respect. So it was with great pleasure when I saw our TM rip them a new asshole. In fact it fired us up so much we threw down hard on stage and ended up having a great time.

Then begins the row of Italian shows. Our great friend Manuel Agnelli from the hugely popular Italian band Afterhours joined us. Manuel can just about play any instrument, so it was with great ease that he slid in and played the whole set with us. Joining in at Bologna and Milan was ex-Afterhours violinist Dario Ciffo too, our sound at that point was massive. I'd say the Italian leg was one of the highlights, not just because the crowds in each city were going nuts when we played, but also because we got to spend time with our good friends, Ciao Italy!

Last night we played Vienna, they stuck us in a room that was huge, some sort of industrial rock complex. Slayer were playing down the street too. To our surprise the room filled up, people were dancing, the band was smiling, the backstage was awesome, and I'd say we delivered another fine rock and roll show. The crowd were very appreciative and as a reward we busted out 'Black is the Color' for the first time on this tour.

Right now we are in Prague, having a day off. A bunch of us went across the street from our hotel to catch Black Mountain. I love their records but watching them I couldn't help wish I still smoked pot, stoner rock concert for sure. So I'm in the hotel, thank god we have hi speed Internet, and I'm looking forward to tomorrow's show. Life on the road, wish you were here....

Tour Update #2

March 25,2011

I should have known Glasgow would be a fun show, whilst I ordered early morning breakfast at the local pub the guy next to me ordered two pints of lager and a vodka. He was alone. Welcome to Scotland! The Arches turned out to be a really great venue, first time that we have played there, the crowd wanted a good time and I think we delivered.

Then it was off to Manchester. Usually we play the Academy there, this time however we played Moho Live, a seedy rock club where the smell of disinfectant and sweat hit me as I walked into soundcheck. This is the sort of place we haven't played in ages so it felt like going back in time. We did however play a blistering set and got to hang out after the show with some long time fans.

We headed down to Brighton the next day for the last show in England, and I'll tell you right now this has been my favorite show so far. I don't know if it was the combination of having played a few gigs and the audience being awesome, but the band was on fire and we all felt the songs really gelling and breathing on their own, so much so that we decided to bust out 'Twilite Kid' for the first time on the tour. So many smiling faces and people singing along. We were all really happy after the show. Thank you Brighton.

The next day we traveled to Aachen in Germany for a well deserved day off. Dave and I did a little sightseeing around the town, checking out the gothic churches, etc. Truth be told I then spent the next 8 hours in bed joined at the hip to the Internet which I had been sadly missing.

Off to Cologne to play at Luxor, a rock club with an illustrious past. I hung outside the club for a little while before the show because apparently in Europe you can't smoke anywhere indoors, and talked with the fans. People seem to really be into the new record and it was fun for me to see people in the audience singing along that night.

Then the fun began when the tour bus refused to start after the show and after the mechanics spent about ten hours fixing it (sigh) we began a long road trip to Oslo, arriving here last night around 4AM. 28 hours on a bus is enough to drive anyone nuts so the hotel was a welcome sight. Right now I am backstage at the venue and we'll be soundchecking soon.

Thanks to all of you that have come out and seen us so far, the shows are getting better and better and you are a big part of that.



Tour Update #1

March 19,2011

How the hell did I get roped into doing the Twilight Singers blog again? It's not like I don't like doing it, but with two new guys in the band I was hoping to delegate some tour duties. That, obviously, has not happened. So anyway, on with the show...

After 2 weeks of rehearsals in New Orleans (during Mardi Gras mind you), we flew into London on Tuesday. We were so relaxed after flying first class. As usual flying across the Atlantic wipes you out, so Tuesday was kind of a wash. That familiar bone-chilling English Spring is in full effect so I'm glad I brought a jacket. And thermals. And 2 sweaters. You get the point.

On Wednesday the kind folks over at Q Magazine threw us a little party at Concrete. We played an abbreviated set as we only had an hour, the highlight of which was seeing Greg jump on the drums for a cover of Brain by The Action. Everyone there seemed to have a good time and with 200 or so competition winners in the audience, it felt really loose and fun. I suggested we play Rush's 2112 in it's entirety but that got shot down.

The boys then went and played BBC Radio 6 on Thursday while I took the day off to go and spend some time with my family.

So I guess our first official show was last night in London at the Electric Ballroom. I don't mind telling you that I was a little nervous, the first show of a tour is always tough. It's one thing to rehearse, there's no pressure, but getting out in front of an audience injects that 'x-factor' and the adrenaline starts pumping hard. It's been five years since we have toured as the Twilight Singers and it felt great to bust out songs like 'Teenage Wristband' and 'Martin Eden' again, damn I've missed those guys.

London, you were a great crowd, totally up for it, packing the room, jumping up and down, singing along, etc. Really a band couldn't ask for anything more. Thank you guys.

Right now I am in the dressing room at The Arches in Glasgow where we play tonight. Saturday night, Scotland, sounds like a promising evening. I'm sure we'll change up the setlist a bit tonight, with so many albums under our belt it's hard not to.

I just want to say how excited we are to be out on the road again and that we really are looking forward to playing for you. It's been too long, let's not let that happen again.



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